Review by: Maria: star star star star star

Great Self Help Book!

I read a lot of self-improvement books. I got curious about self hypnosis, which led me to this book. I was intrigued with the idea of hypnotizing myself for self-improvement.

For a reader like me who is not very familiar with the subject, the book is easy to understand and follow. The references to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) are helpful, as well as the explanation on the workings of our conscious and subconscious minds.

I was a bit hesitant to try self-hypnosis prior to reading this book,  but the different full scripts presented in the book make the process seem easy and safe. There's also an option to create one's own script, to make the experience more customized.

It's reassuring to know that the book's author, Dr. Starr, has extensive training in this field. I look forward to learning more about hypnosis to help myself and others in dealing with difficult personal issues.

Review by: Judith:  star star star star star

“Quantum Self Hypnosis: Awaken the Genius Within”  by Jo Ana Starr includes 20 scripted sessions that can be used to modify negative behavior patterns and improve one's life for the better. It is well worth the time & effort it takes to learn these self-hypnosis techniques.

From Starr’s insights into self-hypnosis, and how we learn those things that negatively impact our behavior, to the helpful ways we can undo the damage we inflict upon ourselves, is a gift...just in time for Christmas.

These complete scripts are easy-to-read, and therefore easy-to-use. The author also recommends the proper kind of recording equipment to use and provides downloadable software as well.

Using self-hypnosis to shed both bad habits and negative attitudes will help make this world a better place, for everyone who reads this book!

Review by: Tamika: star star star star star
I've been a smoker for a couple of years now and I've tried different things to help me quit as I work in Oncology and I know what smoking can do to me and others around me. I didn't want to broadcast that I was having such a problem quitting, I wanted to do it myself. In addition to that, I also wanted to lose weight. I researched different types of ways I could lose weight and stop smoking without putting any more drugs into my body and I came across this book. After reading the first chapter, I was hooked. I hadn't expected that this book would work the way it did. I was amazed at how this book taught me new ways on how to manage my stress instead of binging on food and cigarettes. For the achievements that I have reached from this book, I could have ended up paying hundreds of dollars out of pockets to reach the same results. I am truly glad that I read this book and I will continue to praise it and the author Jo Ana Starr. Dr. Starr as of today, I have lost 7 pounds!! That's in two weeks. My cigarette cravings have also stopped, my breathing has gotten better and I've found the energy to exercise more. Unlocking your own willpower and setting yourself free is the best gift you could ever give to yourself or someone you care about. Thank you Dr. Starr for your invaluable information .

Review by: Pauline: star star star star star
I was pleasantly surprised by this book by Dr. Starr. Being a Psychology major, I have always been interested in the topic of self hypnosis and have sufficient background knowledge on it. However, I think that what sets this book apart is that it managed to explain and expound on the topic without talking down to the reader. Even without prior knowledge on the topic, I think that an ordinary reader would be able to get a grasp on the topic because of the way Dr. Starr presents the information. That is a feat that many books out there on self hypnosis have not been able to pull off. Another factor that makes this book a worthwhile purchase is that it comes with 20 full length session scripts and 5 master inductions. You won’t find a bargain like that anywhere else for sure! With over two decades of professional experience under her belt, you can be sure that Dr. Starr knows what she’s talking about. Thanks for sharing the valuable information that you have, Dr. Starr! Cheers!

Review by: Dave: star star star star star
Best Hypnosis Book I Have Ever Read!

Interested in Hypnosis? Well if so, you need to get this book! Unlike others books that just give you facts about hypnosis, Dr. Starr book, Quantum Self Hypnosis, teaches you how to actually use hypnosis! The book contains 20 self-hypnosis scripts, 5 master inductions, a count-up script, and a path script. These are full length scripts, not the usual partial scripts found in other hypnosis books. The advantage of full scripts is that you really get a feel for conducting your own hypnosis sessions. After reading this book I feel I am ready to start experimenting with self-hypnosis myself, and I can’t wait to get started. The book is well written and easy to understand. Dr. Starr does an amazing job in presenting the material!
Quantum Self Hypnosis has 250 pages packed with knowledge on hypnosis, but don’t let this scare you. This book is written in a way that it will keep you interested till the very last page! The pages and chapters just seem to fly by, and before you know it, you are ready to put your new found knowledge of hypnosis to the test!

Review by: Max: star star star star star
Well written self-instruction manual

I’ve looked at a number of books on this topic, and I believe that this is the best one available. It is written on an introductory level, so that you don’t have to know a lot to begin with, but it does not take the “for dummies” approach of speaking down to the reader. The author plainly respects her readers as intelligent people, and helps guide them step by step through the process of using self-hypnosis.

The book presents full length master inductions designed to help put yourself in a hypnotic state, and 20 full length hypnosis session scripts designed to help with such problems as stopping smoking, weight loss, coping with stress, menopause problems, pregnancy and childbirth, finding true love, improving your relationships, and living with diabetes (which I have, and which presents a number of daily problems and dilemmas.

You can record these scripts to play to yourself during the self induced hypnotic state, and the written scripts are formatted in a manner that makes it easy to record them for your own use. The author presents detailed instructions for how to create your own scripts for problems for which there is not a detailed script in the book. I plan to use this to help create my own script to try to address overcoming my major problem of procrastination (just as soon as I get around to it!).

The author makes recommendations about the best recording equipment to utilize, as well as telling you about free recording software. She provides a link to her free website for readers of the book, and offers book purchasers a free download of a hypnosis session on there that she otherwise charges $59 for.

The author has been teaching hypnosis professionally for twenty years, and it shows, because she anticipated just about all of my questions and answered them in the book.

Review by: Nicole : star star star star star
Bravo to Jo Ana Starr for this book. I have read other self hypnosis books and this is my favorite.  Aside from giving concise instruction with master inductions you can tailor to your needs, she explains the process on a level all can understand.  The author makes a very clear explanation of how the world around us can affect our lives, just in the things we hear and how to we can filter that information.  I look forward to making several different sessions for myself to help with weight loss as well as smoking cessation.   The author covers a wide variety of interests and offers several scripts for completing the hypnosis process at your own pace for stress, smoking, weight loss, even pregnancy ease.  The book offers detailed information that is extremely helpful.  For the first time self hypnosis user, this is a perfect guide and helped me better understand how to use self hypnosis.  I highly recommend this book to anyone.. Thank you Dr. Starr for this in depth book, and for making it so much more understandable than anything I have read to date.