A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Director of the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy, Dr. Jo Ana Starr PhD trained in 1987 with the American Institute of Hypnotherapy under the tutelage of the esteemed Dr. Krasner.  She later earned a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy and holds a Doctorate in Divinity as well.  Her undergraduate work is in English and Psychology.  Dr. Starr has made numerous appearances on both radio and television programs to discuss topics such as Hypnosis and Wellness.  She is in the process of completing 3 other books on related topics, and has authored 8 training programs, all focused on Hypnosis, Prosperity, Diet and Wellness.


If you are like many people, you've heard that Self Hypnosis has helped millions of people achieve their goals.  You were likely skeptical, with images of stage hypnotists making volunteers look positively silly up there on the stage.  In spite of that, you may have considered investigating Hypnosis more thoroughly to see if it could help you with a few issues of your own.  In fact, that is probably the reason you bought this book.  You hope to learn more about Hypnosis and to see whether it’s a good fit for you.  Good for you!  I think you’re on the right track!


The reasons that you and others find their way to Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis are as varied as we human beings are.  Maybe you'd like to lose weight, or just lose your love of donuts.  Maybe you want to learn to stay motivated and working at your current priorities, or to stop smoking once and for all.  For some folks, work or business related challenges bring them to Hypnosis.  Hypnosis used for sales success, for example, is a great application and one that has helped thousands of sales people improve their sales numbers.


Or maybe you're feeling stressed out with the economic woes in our country and in the world.  Maybe you'd like to find a way to let go of your worries and to find positive outlets for your concerns, getting free of stress and anxiety.  Accomplishing these ideal outcomes with Self Hypnosis is entirely doable; in fact, it’s both pleasant and easy.


The ideal applications for Self Hypnosis are almost limitless.  Some individuals live under the dark cloud of mental confusion; whether hormonal or chemical, working with less than full brain power makes all their tasks harder than they should be.  How much would your life improve if you could quickly, pleasantly and easily gain focus and pinpoint concentration?  Would you like to lose those “senior moments” that I’ve even heard 30 year olds complaining about?  We all have some aspect of our lives and our belief systems that needs a bit of upgrading.  Self Hypnosis is the fastest, least expensive and easiest way to give your life a facelift.


Many individuals want to experience Hypnosis but hesitate to go to a stranger for help.  And the image of the poor stage hypnosis subjects being made to feel silly doesn’t help at all, either, does it?  It can be hard to walk into someone’s office and share information that may be personal and sensitive.  And frankly, there are good Hypnotherapists and the opposite out there too, so how do you know which one you will find?


There are probably as many valid reasons not to go to a professional Hypnotherapist as there are reasons to go to one.  Some of the reasons that keep individuals from taking the plunge and seeing a Certified Hypnotherapist are these:


- Time - It can take hours with drive time.

- Cost - It can be really expensive.

- Trust issues - It can be tough to opening up to a stranger.

- Performance anxiety – Can this work?

- Fear - Change can be scary.


It’s a shame that these concerns and others keep a lot of individuals from experiencing the healing power of Hypnosis.


Well, I have great news for you!  The purpose of this book is to help you to become a Self Hypnosis Master, able to access all the genius abilities hidden in your mind and put that genius to work, helping you to get free of any barriers that may be blocking the way to your highest good.


Imagine having all the tools and training in your own hands to create the changes in your life that you want in a timely, cost-effective way.  With someone you trust, with all the time in the world to work with hypnosis until you are entirely comfortable with the process.  Quantum Self Hypnosis takes you by the hand and shows you how to use Hypnosis to massively improve the quality of your life easily, pleasantly and effectively!


This book provides you with 5+ Master Self Hypnosis Inductions, including Quick inductions, Classic inductions and a new percussion-based induction as well as 20 full length professional behavior and belief modification Self Hypnosis session scripts.  These are not shortcut inductions.  These are full inductions that will take you as little as 20 minutes all the way up to 45 minutes depending on your needs.  Even more importantly, you will learn how to create your own custom behavior modification sessions for topics not covered in the provided Self Hypnosis session scripts.  You will learn how to create powerful sessions for any application you can imagine.


Please do not confuse Quantum Self Hypnosis with other books or audio programs about Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis.  This book is a condensed version of an 18 hour professional Hypnosis Certification training program that has been fine-tuned into a nuts and bolts book for laymen, designed to turn each and every reader into Self Hypnosis Masters.  There are no gimmicks here - no Immediate Hypnosis or Underground Hypnosis or any of the other forms of Hypnosis or sort-of Hypnosis that are being marketed online.


This is a bottom line book that gives you insider’s access to the training material taken directly from a $300.professional Hypnosis certification program!!  And don’t think it’s going to be too complex for you.  It’s not; all of the training information is designed to help newcomers create effective Self Hypnosis sessions that will change their lives!  As this is not the usual Self Hypnosis book that tells you all about Hypnosis without actually teaching you how to use it, Quantum Self Hypnosis fully prepares you to use Self Hypnosis the way that trained professionals use it.  This book is complete and it includes everything you will need to succeed, other than a comfortable chair, some time, a quiet spot and an audio file or CD.


As if that were not enough, to assure that you have quick success with your Quantum Self Hypnosis project, we have created a FREE membership website that only purchasers of the print or e-book version of this book can join.  There are several great reasons you might want to do that.  First of all, the member website includes a member forum for exchanging information with other members, occasional email updates for members only, but mostly to get the FREE $59 Audio Self Hypnosis session created by Dr. Starr.  Using this session is a great Hypnotic pre-conditioner to your own sessions by getting your mind accustomed to experiencing Hypnosis and totally immersing you in the natural cadence of Hypnosis.  This Quantum Self Hypnosis session suggests that you easily grasp the material taught in the book, that you feel comfortable using Self Hypnosis, and that your success is assured.


If you’ve already read a lot of books on Self Hypnosis, this is probably the one you’ve been waiting for.  Easy to read and easy to implement, this revolutionary book offers you many of the same benefits that trained professional Hypnotists enjoy.  You are getting insider access to training material that has proven itself over the last 16 years.  Your success is assured!


You are clearly someone who wants to find effective tools for positive personal change or perhaps someone is considering the possibility of beginning a career as a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist, or maybe you just want to help friends and family.  We congratulate you on your choice of what we believe to be the most powerful, pleasant, effective and easy to use self-help tool - Self Hypnosis.  It’s exciting to think of all the wonderful changes you will create in your life.

In terms of value to you, we want this book or e-book to be the best money you have spent on a self-help book.  We have worked hard to make it as good as it can be and we’d like feedback from you.  Whether you purchased your book or e-book on Amazon or elsewhere, please consider taking a moment to leave feedback at Amazon to help others decide whether this book is a good choice for them.


Personally, I have spent the last 16 years training individuals as Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists and Certified Hypnotists.  We at NEIH.COM take great pride in the successes of our graduates and we want your experience to be a successful one as well.  If we can help you, please feel free to call our office or email us.  You can find our contact information at http://neih.com.  Thanks in advance for buying this book and we sincerely hope you enjoy it!


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